How to clean chick nails?


8 Years
Jan 14, 2012
Pinellas County, Florida
My husband and I got our chicks yesterday brought them home and set them up in the holding area in our bathroom until its warm enough to move them back outside ( and after our local raccoon decides it wants to pester someone else ). This morning I checked on them to make sure they still had water and food and let them splash around in their bath when I noticed that one of the chicks has poop or some other black green substances caked around her nails, its hard and seems like it doesnt want to come off. Any tips on how I should go about cleaning this, Im new to raising chickens and dont want to hurt her.
I've usually noticed that it falls off after a while. But if you want to remove it, I would try a cloth soaked with warm water to gently dissolve it. That being said, chickens will step in poop and their feet will look dirty a lot.
Thank you, I realize that they like most animals really dont care what they walk in, I just want to make sure that I keep everything clean to keep any disease and illness from popping up out of no where.
Honestly you shouldn't even worry about it. Once you clean off their feet, they'll do something stupid just to piss you off. For some reason they love stepping in their own poop and then go dancing in their water. They also like pooping in their water. I don't know why. Just let them go. They won't get any diseases as long as you don't introduce bacteria yourself or introduce them to different chicks.

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