How to cut chicken hole (door) in dog run for coop tunnel?

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    We have a 15 x 15 chain link kennel, secured w/ hardware cloth & apron dug under & well-roofed.

    It existed on the property & we moved our chickens in with small inside coops. They've been like this a year.

    Our little family of 6 has grown to 20 plus hens, so we upgraded:

    We now have a 6 x 8 Amish walk-in coop about 40 inches in front of the dog/chicken run.

    It's on a platform. It can't be moved. Due to our land topography & shale under the soil, this is the best we could do.

    The coops's ready to move into. Now, how do I cut a 12" x 15' hole in the chain link to insert a frame & a ramp with a tunnel, so they can exit the run & enter the coop, and vise versa?

    We clipped & folded back the interior hardware cloth, and prepared the site, and then I stopped my husband from taking a Sawzall to it.

    Is there a chain link kit you can get ? Is there a way to frame the link in ahead of time, prior to cutting?

    I don't want the hole to mess up the whole wall because the tension's messed up.

    Any ideas?

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