How to deal with ex son-in-law need prayers.


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Oct 8, 2009
I have not posted about this before but I am at the end of my rope. Last July my daughter left her husband (good choice) he is emotionally and physically abusive. They have a daughter together also she has a daughter by another guy. We have been getting SRS and police calls to our home since July for all sorts of different things the girls are not being feed, no shoes and socks on in the summer. Wearing a t-shirt and diaper only in summer. We agreed to have a service call Family preservation come into our home to hopefully stop all these phone calls but no today he calls in and wants a welfare check done because the youngest is supposed to have a bunch of scratches and a black eye she is 15 months old. I am just plain worn out. I am sick of dealing with this stuff all the time, Since he calls in anonymously there is no way to prove its him making these call. My home does not even feel safe anymore. I used to think that my home was my port in any storm. Now it feels like with everyone invading its not my home just some house I live in I hate it I just want to run and hide. I don't know if I can hang on much longer. We have the final custody hearing on March 11th. Right now my Daughter has soul custody of their little girl. He also uses the excuse he can't help himself because he is bi-polar and has depression and he just so in love with my daughter if she does not come back to him he will just die. He lies instead of telling the truth and his mom lets him get away with this stuff since he was a kid so he thinks it is just fine to act this way. I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe a few more prayers will help.
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You know...
First I am sorry to see this going on... The kids suffer more it seems in these situations...

I prayed for you just now. When I prayed, I believed that the truth will be known, and lies will be exposed.

Trust Him to see you through.
Fight back. After so many so obviously false reports you need to get in their faces too and tell them you are tired of this, and you are going to file charges not only against him but against them for harassment. If they have been to your home several times and there has been no evidence that any of the charges against you are true they are required to cease and desist any and all harassment until such time they can prove justifiable cause. You do not have to tolerate by any government or civilian agency; not even those charged with safety and protection of the children. If they have in past found evidence that any of the complaints are true then they do have the right to check on the children. Don't tolerate it, let them know you are through with this and the next time a complaint is made they had better show up with law enforcement in tow because you want to file harassment charges.
All reports have been found unfounded. So no proof of any abuse or neglect on either child. We are trying so hard to keep the girls away from the fighting. But the oldest girl who is 2 can no see my ex son-in-law without having nightmares for nights. I thank you for the prayers some how they made me feel hope for the 1st time in months.
I agree.. don't just take it. Be her advocate, and fight like the devil, if you don't, he will win! You cannot always be mrs nice guy! Fight it like he is. Does he have a phone bill in his name or your daughters? Maybe she can get a copy of the phone record to prove he's been calling the agency... get a good lawyer! Get restraining orders... etc..
We have the best lawyer in town. And here the police and social services have to investigate any welfare checks dealing with a child even if there is proof that it is not true. That's the whole problem. I am fighting just think it all got to me for a while. He will hang himself I know he will its just taken so long right now. Since we have family preservation in the home that helps since they come in the home and check the living condition and how the girls are doing they have said that everything is great no problems so that really helps our case. Just sometimes it seems the bad guys get away with crap for a time before they are caught. March 11th we have the custody hearing even our case worker says she is not worried about my daughter getting sole custody of my youngest granddaughter and limited visitation supervised maybe even with a social worker. He did this last one because my daughter told him that there was no way they would ever be together. Just need some prayers to help keep my strength up while I fight this battle, thanks for all the help,

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