How to disinfect your car and car seats? Qs' on Coryza

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    I know abot spraying your shoes down with bleachwater and everything but what about your car and seats?

    I came home from a fair yesterday and noticed that a person who birds were sick was showing there. This person has told me that their birds have something (face swells and get crusted over, nosehole leak nasty smelling fluid -Coryza) I tried telling this person to get their birds tested for free but I always get shrugged off even though I'm trying to be nice. Anyways a few months before I advices the fair board about this persons birds but this person still showed there under the same name AND a different name. So I am at for loss. I told the poultry superintendant and they said they had a vet coming today to look at the birds. I noticed a few others there with problems as well such as bubbles in the eye and a crusty nostril..

    Ok to the point...

    I came home and sprayed my shoes down with bleachwater, put my clothes in a trashbag and jumped in the shower. Afterwards I took the clothes down and put them into the washer without touching them. I believe thats pretty much what I can do. As for the car I soaked it down in Lysol? which said it kills the 99% of germs, H1N1 virus and all that good stuff.

    Anyways is that the best I can do? I'm not risking showing my birds there because I cant afford for my flock to get sick, but now that this person is showing there with Coryza birds everyones birds pretty much have it right? I have some close friends that have me hatch for them before show season. Now I can't even have them over anymore because of this one person.

    I just hope they have them get the sick birds out of there ASAP.... Even my vet said to call and report it.
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    I applaude you for your biosecurity protocol, superb job![​IMG]
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    I don't know much about chicken care yet, but I am a custodian and know tons about cleaning. [​IMG]
    With fabric something like Lysol will work, however taking your car to get it detailed might be a good idea.
    you can also rent a carpet extractor at most supermarkets and a upholstery attachment, sometimes called stair attachment.
    It will be a small hand held unit hooked to a hose that hooks to the machine it's self.
    Once you do that you can just add a liquid disinfectant right into the clean water tank, to the dilution the bottle will tell you how much to use. Mix it first then pour the mix in the tank. [​IMG]
    Bleach is the first thing that comes to mind but it will not be kind to the fabric. peroxide also will work but may not leave your car soft it tends to dry out fabric and make it rough. I have stuff I put in the tanks of our extractors but it is a commercial product, of which I don't know the home equivalent too. Just look in the section that has detergent for cloths, find one that won’t fade colors and such. There are bleaches for that.
    I would call a local detailer and ask what they use, like you are concerned with what product they may use,(act knowledgably) then once they tell you, just go out and buy it. [​IMG] They may have a decent deal on disinfecting your car, in which case you may just want to let the professionals do it. In my experience they are very good, but won’t clean anything they don’t see as dirty. So you may just want to be safe and do it all your self. Good luck.
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    I am VERY SURPRISED your fair does not have a State Poultry Inspector on duty. Our fair is going on in Harrington and the D of A inspector is all over things.

    As for what you my opinion as a former field research scientist for Perdue Farms here in Delaware, your did everything right.

    Two things come into play with bio-security. One is clean up and disinfection as you did and the other is, in my humble opinion, one of the things that always comes into play. I am of the belief that a pathogen NEVER causes a illness, it is a susceptible host. It is obvious from what you said you did when you got home that the heath of your birds is foremost. Since they are healthy I would say you would be fine.

    I would also put 1 oz of bleach in their water. I use it in ALL my waterers every day. I kills the slim buildup and also usually kills any bacteria that may start forming.

    Best Of Luck
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    I was at a show once and noticed a bird with a bubbly eye. I told one of the men working at the show and he seemed VERY concerned. After a little while, he came back to me and said "oh, those are "so and so's" birds. S/he is a doctor, so it is all fine." Ummm...yea, I don't care who s/he is...that bird was sick. Luckily, my birds were VERY far away from this one. Also, usually your birds only have to be P-T and AI clean. They do not (at least not for the shows I've attended) test for respirtory infections.
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    This is a small show so every bird if there is within 20 yards of each other. I didn't go back today to see what happened but will be nosying around there tomorrow and will do the same thing as I did yesterday to clean and disinfect.

    I'm concerned for the health of the other 4-Hers birds there. I know theirs one person there with over 25 birds. It only takes one bird to get those sick. It just chokes me up.

    If nothing else I will be making a call to Purdue to see what they say.

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