How to Entertain Chicks?


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Oct 25, 2007
I'm a first time chick owner. I have 3 chicks that are 3 weeks old. They are so fun to have. I have noticed that lately 2 of the 3 are acting a little more aggressive toward each other. They chase each other around or try to jump on each other. They don't seem to be hurting each other...just intimidating. Are they already starting to establish pecking order or could they just be bored?

What kinds of things can I do or give to them that will keep them entertained. I know I'd get bored in a limited space after awhile.

And how warm does it have to be outside before we let them have an outing? It is still only about 50 degrees here on a good day. But I think they'd love to go outside.

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They might just be playing...that's how they play. may have a rooster or two that are playing and/or establishing dominance. I've seen pullets play like that often.
Original post got me to thinking. Can baby chicks tell each other sex? What I mean is can the pullets decipher between other pullets and roo's? And visa versa?

Alot of animals do this by odor or smell. Oviously some by colors. But can baby chicks tell the boys and girls apart?

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