How to finish off a shingled flat roof??

so lucky

9 Years
Jan 31, 2011
SE Missouri
We're doing our first coop construction and can't figure out how to finish off the high edge of the shingled shed-type roof. Shouldn't there be some sort of edging to protect it from rain/wind? Any ideas from all you very talented folks? Thanks!

Fred's Hens

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9 Years
There are a number of ways to do it. I cut individual shingle tabs and finishing the last row sideways, if that makes sense. Similar to the way you "cap" a regular ridge with tabs draping across the ridge. The top should have drip edge, just like the sides and eave edges do. I over hung a good inch out over the drip edge.

I put a nail or two in each tab, just as you would with the ridge tab. I also put a nice glob of roofing cement on each one as I laid them, assuring adhesion. Worked out perfectly and no leaks whatsoever.

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