How to get Blue Kote OFF chickens?


10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
I'm showing some chickens in the fair, and I need to take them to the fairgrounds tomorrow. I had to use Blue Kote on my chickens because they were pecking each other, and now that their feathers are back I can't get it off. One of my chickens I'm entering in the fair, she has stained feathers on her butt from the Blue Kote. I tried giving her a bath twice with Blue Ribbon Shampoo, but it didn't take all of it off. I was wondering if anyone out there knew what I could use that won't harm the chicken to get it off?

P.s: I'm new here so sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.
Oh my, you are in a predicament aren't you. I feel for you. I treated a frostbit comb with some this spring and got it on my hands and jeans. I tried everything to get it off my hands and ended up scrubbing like crazy with a pumice stone. I still couldn't get it all off and just had to wear it off. It's still in my jeans! Maybe someone will come along with some help for you. Best of luck.

Welcome to BYC. We are glad you're here.

I had a biddie with and issue under her wing that she kept picking at. It smelled foul and was dark. I washed it and then used blue kote (which should be called purple coat :). It was there for months. I tried hydrogen peroxide on the feathers, it lightened it up a bit but honestly didn't help much. Certainly not enough to show a bird. Months later it finally wore off. That was my first blue kote experience. Since then I have used it on my white dogs head to which he promptly went over and rubbed it onto my new throw rug. Dogs!!! We couldn't get it off of him either. We tried the peroxide again, and many shampoos with baking soda mixed in, and finally my son sheared him to get it off.

I love blue kote but I am way more careful about what situations I use it for after that experience.

So I know that baking soda mixed with shampoo doesn't work.
Hydrogen peroxide lightened it only slightly.

I din't know what else to try beyond those things.
Hope someone else has a suggestion that will work for you.
It stains the feathers and i don't think anything will take it out. I agree that it won't go away until those feathers are replaced. Good Luck
Alright, thank you guys. I feel bad because I tried scrubbing some off with a tooth brush, and it got a lot of it off, but there was some left on the vent I didn't want to try and get off. I figured I was making her uncomfortable enough as it was, and just decided to stop. I know she'll be ready for the fair next year though!
I don't have a solution for chickens bot I have found that Clorox Clean-Up spray works wonders on your hands. Rinse well afterwards.

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