how to get my duck to eat his medicine?

Mini Moe

6 Years
Mar 21, 2013
Our 23 wk old drake came up sick, my husband took him to the vet. They xrayed him for blockages or bad swallowed objects and thankfully there were neither. The vet gave my husband antibiotics to give Duey twice per day by way of a small, thin tube that is suppose to be:D put down his throat with the antibitics syringed throught the tube, with a follow-up of water. We both have struggled to give him his meds since yesterday, but we've been able to give him them since his dr visit. Here's the problem: the vet stated this is a two person job but Jim is the only person around during the, since i have to be oyt if tow Sunday afternoon til friday evening. There in lyes the problem: how does he get Duey to eat the meds he so desperately needs, when only one person is here to give him? Is thete any other way to administer Dueys meds with only one person? PLEASE ADVISE.

Ive read everything and have done everything i thought to :pkeep our duckys safe and I'm heart broken our little Duey has gotten sick. ANY ADVISE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

My ducks adore peas, so I give them their medicine in a personal cup (custard cup - ramekin) of mashed peas. Just use the amount of peas you think they will be able to safely nom (for us two or three tablespoons). Squirt in the medicine, mash about half the peas, and present to the ducky.
Thank you for your reply. Dueys favorite treat is Watermelon & dog food. We have Chihuahuas that eat small dog food bites. We've only been able to administer his meds by way of tube. The other times we've soaked a piece of watermelon and give it to him when we give all our babies some. The mashed peas sound good, but none of our duckys like peas. Duey was quite leary of us after we used the tube, so if there is ANY other way we could give him his much needed medicine, we'll give a try! Thanks again......Sandy
Tried the bread.... no go. He wont even eat his All Flock, so my husbands been giving him dog food. He said he would rather see him eat that, then starve to death while he's sick. This just breaks my heart...seeing little Duey not his good ole' spry self. I so love my duckys dearly!

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