How to get rid of Mites/Lice?


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Sep 23, 2009
How do you get rid of mites and lice? Can other animals and humans get lice or mites from chickens? Thanks!
Poultry/bird lice and mites will get on you, but WILL NOT and CANNOT survive on you or any other nonavian animal.

For mites I use 5% sevin dust from any feed or hardware store. Cover the birds and work it into the feathers to the skin.

Lice are a different story, I had to upgrade to Permecthrin spray and/or ivomec. Permecthrin is mixed as directed and spray each bird to the skin. There is also a Permecthrin poultry dust that is supposed work fantastic.

The 1% cattle Ivomec is primarily a wormer, but also gets rid of external parasites. Apply 0.25-0.5 CC to the back directly on the skin.

All bedding needs to be removed and the house cleaned out. Spray/dust the entire house being sure to get all the cracks and seams. Put in fresh bedding and dust it.

Put dust in any places that they take Dust bathes.

Okay, thank you so much!

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