how to get the guineas to roost at night!?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Coopedup:p, Oct 17, 2009.

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    i have two guineas. i got them from a friend and they where chicks when we got them. well it turned out that it was a male and female! yay!!! we got lucky! and now they are huge! they are on their own and they stay around the gate to the pasture where the donkeys graze and sleep, but the guineas dont get that they need to roost somewhere when they are out of the pasture at night! and also roost on the roost we provided them under the shed thats inside the pasture. instead of roosting the prefer to sleep on the ground next to the gate. and me dogs arnt to far away from them. the dogs know not to mess with the guineas mostly cause the dogs have their own pen and they stay in there untill feeding time when we let them out for a while. but im afraid that the guineas are going to get killed by a stray, or fox or any other predator. how could i get them to stay safe and roost?!
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    Go to them at night and place them on the roost. If they come back down or if they run away from you, put an old ladder leaning on the roost, so they can go up by degrees. I have never raised one, except with chickens and I find they are chickenish, except for the sound, egg hidding, lack of scratching and appearances, so I would just act as though I were trying to get my chickens to roost.
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    i [put them on the roost everynight and i am losing it cause i dont wanna have to do this every night. we have donkeys in the pasture with them and the donkeys would move the lader... they are that curious. its funny but i dislike having to chase the guineas in the freezing rain.

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