How to hang a chick water bottle

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by azygous, Mar 7, 2015.

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    Everyone who broods chicks would love to solve the problem of wood shavings getting into the water. I solved it years ago by hanging the water bottle from a lateral stick slipped through slots cut into the sides of my cardboard brooder. But then the problem remains how to hang the bottle when it lacks a hanger "thingie".

    Here's all you need: a small net bag like the kind clementine oranges come in, wire, needle nose pliers to secure the wire around the neck of the bottle and an "s" hook to slip through the top of the bottle to serve as the hanger "thingie".

    Place the bottle in the bag and secure a wire around the neck. I use needle nose pliers to twist it tight so when filled with water, it will hold. Test it with water before hanging in the brooder.

    During the first couple weeks, you need to raise the bottle frequently since the chicks are growing so quickly. It should hang level with the height of the chicks' backs.

    No more water spills. No more messy shavings clogging the water base.

    I added EASY instructions on how to center the hanger on the water bottle in post #5 below. This is an important step because an off-center hanger will cause the bottle to tilt, allowing the water to spill from the base.
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    nice! I saw you mention this in another thread a few days back, glad you came back with the pics, very helpful for those who want to use this type water bottle
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    That's pretty slick...tho I think it might be hard to get it to hang level, it doesn't take much for those to spill over.
    I only use horizontal nipples anymore after the first or second day.
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    It is important to get the top centered. It's easy enough to do. Invert the bottle and trace around the top with a pencil on a piece of paper. Cut out the circle and fold into quarters. Open the circle up and punch a hole at the center of the folds. Place back on the bottle, careful to fit the circle exactly, and make a mark on the center of the bottle using the hole in the circle template. Center the knot in the net bag over the dot, and you have the center. Make sure it stays put by putting rubber bands around the net bag to hold it in exact position while you secure the bag around the neck with wire.

    If you guys want pictures of that process, I can oblige.
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    Great idea!
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    That's very cool!!

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