how to introduce a new roo to my flock ?


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Mar 8, 2009
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I getting a gorgeous new roo tomorrow and i want to know how to properly introduce him to my flock with the least amount of chasos as possible ! I have a very young roo in there now but hes under 18 weeks and the new roo is about a year old. Also I wanted to know how long I should leave all of them in the coop before i let them roam the yard, and how do i get them back in at night ! Sorry im still very un sure about my " chicken skills" its been a very long time !
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Nov 10, 2008
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I don't know about introducing a new roo but I can tell you that my little original laying flock was in the coop 4 days before I let them out the first time. The first two days they were out I had to catch and carry each one back to the coop as the sun was going down. After that they would all just automatically go into the coop whenever it got a little darker. They will often go in if a day gets heavy clouds even. Chickens are very sensitive to light differences. My roo helped too because he was one of the first to figure out about going back into the coop and then he would crow until all the ladies made their way in and up onto the roost. I don't know if roos can count, lol, but it was uncanny how he would know when all of the girls were in and no more crowing.

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