How to introduce Keets to Adult Guineas and Chickens


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Apr 25, 2021
I have 1 rooster, 7 laying hens, and only 2 adult guineas. (I had 9 originally, but when they free-range, or refuse to come into the coop at night, they have been picked off by predators.) I love guineas! So I ordered some keets that are roughly 4 weeks old. They live in a heated brooder. Just recently, I've allowed them loose in the fenced pen area outside of the coop during the day. The adults are all off hunting until evening. My question is: When they are old enough to survive without a heater (late October) and probably 50 degrees here in TX, how can I introduce them to the coop and the adult chickens and guineas? Right now, no adults (chickens or guineas) seem to have any interest in them.


Aug 2, 2019
I think my 1st batch stayed in until they were 7 or 8 weeks old, because it was late season. But by taking them out during the day in the fall, they started acclimating. I don't think I'd toss 4 wk olds out into 50° overnights w/o a hen to snuggle next to,but that cld just be me.
My brooder is a big plastic clear tote. This year, during the day I would put the brooder infront of the patio door, bc my boys always came up to the door. If I hadn't moved them over yet, PJ started knocking. They spent a lot of time looking in. When I took the brooder outside to enjoy the sunshine, the boys would look inside, peck on the box, and "guard" it. One day I walked out with keets on my arm & they flew to the boys. That was the end of me parenting- the boys took over.
Couldnt have been easier, and they were great at it.
The hen was on the nest at the time, so they were in residence when she came home. There was no show & tell for her she was not happy, & I can't advise you on that one. But my boys were great.

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