How to keep free range chickens from eating garden plants

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    Hi All.
    For several years I had chickens that peacefully co-existed with my garden. As long as I protected seedlings from being scratched up, the chickens never bothered mature plants. Eventually that original flock died off and I had to replace with new birds. The new birds eat the plants so I have tried different ways of devising ways to cover and/or fence off the plants. The chickens can fly over short fencing and I wouldn't want to fence off the entire garden because I do want them to eat bugs... so more so I just need to protect especially tasty rows.... like spinach and lettuce. They still don't mess with tomato plants and such, but they will peck at squash once its ripe.

    I'd love to see pictures of any ideas you all have come up with to protect your plants from free ranging chickens. I've tried a few different things that have ranged from not working at all, to working but being a pain to deal with. Would love some new ideas!!! :)

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    7 ft poly-net deer fencing.
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