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how to know what sex links exactly your chickens are and what your crossbreeds are ??

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by strangeanimal, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. strangeanimal

    strangeanimal Songster

    Mar 21, 2017
    Hi ,

    I know to many of you this is a silly question , yet I'm asking it . I went already trough some treads and could finde just a tiny bit of an answer , the topic was about the question " what are isa browns , or something kinda like this ... Now I noticed I'm far from the only one who " hides in shame under the chair " not knowing what a " sex link ment " or not knowing how to get a certain sex link / what sex links you now actually have .

    I got a few answers tough still like to get to know more about this as doctor google is a bad teacher to me if it comes to this and as I know doctor google will certainly not know as much as many of the BYC forum ..

    So , red sex links should be the more brown chickens ? like the Isa brown , red star , golden comet ,

    and black sex links are created with a barred rock and ?

    Now I was wondering how do you go back to the " parents of the parents of the parents in their colors / sex links " ?

    For example , if I have a dark hen , for example a marans , where did this breed come from ( france but what they did in france should be written somewhere online , altough i was not able to find this info , or I asked the wrong questions to google ?? )
    So this is a breed that is usually black with golden lacing right ? well , if you just take the black copper , I v seen there are other colors too .

    How did this breed get its black color and especially why is there a golden lacing in common ?

    Now , if I have a white hen , perhaps not totally white , but maybe , sussex light , how come this one is white and what is the sex link as there is also black in this breed ?

    About rhode island red on the other hand I believe that is a red sex link and a parent of .. many breeds ?
    Can anyone try to explain these things to me please and how far can we go back to see where the original parents before all that ?

    I ask this question because it is out of interest and also because I am starting to get slowly but surely very much interest in how these different breeds all started to get an existence and who knows I might in future time also create a color in a certain breed ... Just trying it is already enough for me , as long as I can start to understand all the differences in how they creat a certain color and which parents are in them .

    Really sorry for the lessons I skipped at school ;-) ! hopefully you don't make it al too complex because it sure looks that way :D

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