How to make Homemade Italian Sausage ( Pic Heavy )

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    May 13, 2008
    So many folks have asked for my Homemade Italialn Sausage recipe I had to start this thread for them. I have been making this recipe since I was old enough to help my gramma make it. I hope ya'll enjoy.

    I started with 18 lbs of lightly trimmed Boston Pork Butt.
    550 watt heavy duty electric meat grinder
    1 sleave of natural hog casings
    2 tbsp white vinagar
    1/4 cup salt
    1/8 cup course grd pepper
    3/4 cup whole fennel seed

    I soak the casings in warm water, rinsing often, then add the vinagar and let sit till ready to use. The vinagar will make the casings more transparant.

    18 lbs Boston pork Butt

    Cut into chunks, trimming only the large pieces of fat and setting them aside for later, Cut and throw away any grissel.

    Grind the meat with a course grind plate

    If the meat needs more fat this is the time to grind some of the trimmings, and blend it in.
    Add all af the seasoning and blend well, do not over mix. form a small patty and fry it, sample it and adjust seasoning to taste, refridgerate to chill the meat ( 30 min ).

    Thread the casing onto the sausage stuffer attachment, wetting often helps it slide on the tube better. leave the end open until the meat appears at the end of funnel, this prevents trapped air. tie it off.

    Run the meat through at an even steady pace, making sure the sausage comes out not to thick or thin. this does take a bit of practice.

    coil them into rolls until finished with all the meat.

    The art of coiling a good sausage is to turn 3 times in one direction & 3 times in the opposite direction, that way they never uncoil. be careful at this stage or you will have a blowout ( a hole in the link ) not good LOL.

    Nice links with good marbling.

    I use a vacum sealer w/ 5 links per bag, store in the fridge for 24 hrs to let the seasoning meld and get really tasty. then freeze until ready to wow your guest.

    You can use a manual meat grinder and it works fine, but a tad bit more labor. Natural hog casings can be purchased at your local butcher shop or meat market. store any unused casings in a ziplock bag packed with salt.
    These Sausages are best when grilled, but can be used in sauces and what ever else you like, The fat and the fennel is truly the key to the flavor and the juiceyness, remember pork fat rules LOL.

    I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have for over 50 years, if my freezer was ever without these little angels, I would surely shrivel up and die.

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    there is nothing I like more than good Italian sausage! [​IMG] I cannot cook anything Italian without it. Can't wait to hear about yours. [​IMG]
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    Jan 26, 2008
    Dang Al

    Ya made me hungry! What ya need is a good Argentinian Chimeechurrie and a BBQ grill and some heavy rolls! WAY better than Brats!!! So when are we grilling some of those puppies up??
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    They look great Al. Thanks for sharing.
  6. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
    Quote:KT :

    Heck I made myself hungry, I have the grill and rolls but is that really long word a mezzzcan belly dancer by chance ??. these are for you anytime you like, I will even cook yours to order LOL.

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    We like to make sausage too. We make ours into patties. I'd link but I don't know if it's ok to link to a blog or not. I think it's in the blood, my grandpa was a butcher. [​IMG]
  8. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
    Quote:AAAHHHH to only have a butcher in the family, he would be my best Bud hehehe.

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    Wait...some directions are when during the process are you supposed to drink the Corona??

    That's a pretty important step to leave out!
  10. Chef

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    Dec 16, 2008
    NICELY done! Great picks! It looks killer... I'd love me a link or two right now! Nothing like sausage made just to your liking. It's always fun and challanging!Thanks for sharing.

    Now I wanna make some sausage [​IMG]


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