How to prepare young children for witnessing of butchering?

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  1. jeknight

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    Oct 10, 2011
    I wonder if there are any good resources to use with children - like books, videos, on-line stuff, etc.
    We want to offer these to the parents of children in our neighborhood... in case they would want their kids to be there at the scene or to at least have the choice.
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    Quote:I have no idea about any resources! Are you wanting to have neighbor kids come watch? I'm a parent of young kids and I know that other parents my age are really wound tightly and might get pretty upset with something like that., I grew up on a farm. Helped my dad hunt rabbits when I was in grade school and old enough to shoot, and watched him clean them. When I got old enough, I was sat in front of a hot bucket of water and told to pluck chickens. I had no choice and no one ever sat me down and asked me if I was okay with it. [​IMG] Most people don't grow up like that though, and I'm thinking if you are in the 'burbs, they are going to be highly upset over this. Just sayin'! I'd be sure to talk to their parents and be sure they are really okay with this. Not only that, but the kids may not want to eat chicken anymore after seeing that... ha! I sure got tired of rabbit.
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    oops! double post! [​IMG]
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    i like the idea. The only problem i see is you never know people really so lets say you give some info about you butchering chickens and it upsets somebody then they could try to get chicken keeping banned in your area. But that depends on where you live. But i grew up hunting so i had to learn. Lol my dad had the your big enough to kill it your big enough to clean it. [​IMG]
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    Oct 4, 2011
    athens, wv
    attitude. oops
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    When I was a kid, my elder brother introduced me to the harvesting and processing of chickens.

    On the first occasion, he told me how we need to be grateful for our food. He told me that even though we would thank God and ask him to bless the food before we ate it at the dinner table, that every time he processed a bird, he would thank the bird for its life and then thank God for giving the bird that life that we were now going to utilize at the dinner table.

    it made it so much more comfortable for me.... when I showed my boys... and all of the neighbor kids who came to watch, I did the same thing with them. It made it easier for my kids. The neighbors think I'm a barbarian.
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    Please don't make the mistake of believing that the rational adults you know actually are. "The public" are the same folks who have children suspended in elementary school if Johnny tries to kiss Janie on the playground. As ridiculous as it sounds, you might want to get any parents permission in writing before anyone in your neighborhood under the age of 18 has an inkling of what you're doing.

    Do I think that's right? Oh Hell NO!! Realistic? Yeah...probably....

    Just my 2 cents.....
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    Apr 18, 2010
    I'm kinda guessing the OP meant more like...IF someone wanted to let their child participate, but then asked for the resources how/what would they find?

    Just a I right? [​IMG]

    I would say...let's pretend here...IF you told the neighbors "Hey ya'll - I'm processing chickens in a week, you can come if you want" and then someone asked for info...maybe print them out some of the links from here (like the stickys at the top with all the good info and pics). Be nice enough to warn them that yes, the pics are just as graphic as the real deal, and then let them decide from there.

    Otherwise, I really can't help you in the resource department...all the kids stuff I've ever seen was all "happy chicken look it lays an egg"...nothing about eating one for dinner...there should be a book SOMEWHERE though you would think...I mean, there's a childrens series about "Walter the Farting Dog" for goodness sakes...if dogs can fart in pictures and a few words, why aren't there any good REALISTIC farm books for kids? It's kinda like growing up and realizing Old MacDonalds Farm was missing a few versus...the ones about how pig poo stinks, and chicken feathers make a mess when you pluck them, and if Old MacDonald used the porch to hang his killing cone the blood was never coming off of there - you know...all the pertinent info was left out...that song made the farm sound like WAY easier work than it is...all the animals make noises, the end....not in real life though!

    Anyways...I hope you come across what you need. I'm sure some people will be all "Yuck, gross!" But you never know, you may find a neighbor or two that's really cool with it and enjoys helping [​IMG]
  9. BoomChickaRocka

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    Mar 24, 2011
    its not something you can experience with resources and videos. i think for everyone there is some degree of shock that cant be accounted for. with or without resources.
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    Good question O.P.. Questions like these just go to show how really disconnected we are from our food.

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