How to prevent my turkeys from going to neighbor's yards and down the road


Sep 28, 2019
I've had my turkeys(I have 2) for a little over a year now but the one problem I've always had with them is that they always go to my neighbor's yard. I always have to stay outside with them and watch them to make sure that they don't go anywhere. My neighbor has chickens and I think that is part of the problem. I usually just feed them and check up with them every once in a while and I put them in their cage when it is time for them to sleep. But today I was going to do my homework inside and I went to look out the window and my hen was in the ditch! I ran out there to get her then my tom went in to! Overall the experience was horrible and my legs are scratched up pretty good. The Tom ended up running to my neighbor's backyard but luckily I grabbed him and carried him home. Sorry for the long post but I know that I'm not doing everything that I can to prevent this. Does anyone have this same problem or can anyone offer some advice?
If you've read this far thank you

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