How to raise backyard chickens

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    1. Choose the high land dry, cool place to take the chicken coop. The cage should be kept towards the East or Southeast to catch the sun in the morning and avoid the afternoon sun.
    If completely captive, attention density suitable (8 shrimp/m2 if raising chickens on floor, 10 shrimp/m2 if chicken meat based).
    If raising chicken, stable place to avoid the sun and rain overnight, drop the chicken garden full density is at least 1 shrimp/m2.
    On the front of the cage toward the southeast. Bamboo floor made of mesh or a little above the ground 0.5 m to air, dry, easy to clean up.
    Barrier around garden with mesh B40, plastic mesh, bamboo wood ... depending on culture conditions of each household. Dry daytime drop the chicken yard, playground, evening chicken barn.
    Um cage chicks:

    2m x 1 m high 0.5 m leg enough for 100 chickens.
    Heating for chicken with lights (two 75W bulbs for 100 chickens).

    When chickens were young (1-3 days old) bran spread sheet on lined paper in the cage um chickens.
    When chickens 4-14 days old chicken feeder for feeding the chicks.
    More than 15 days for chickens hanging gutters.
    Drinking troughs:

    Place or hang alternating drinking troughs with troughs in the garden.
    Chicken instead of water 2-3 times / day.
    Sand bath, sand troughs for chicken:

    Chicken loves sand bath.
    For grazing chicken to tanks built of sand, ash and of chicken bathed activities. Tank size 2 m long, 1 m wide, 0.3 m for 40 chickens.
    Put a tray of sand and gravel or small stones around where grazing to chicken feed, help digest food better.
    Seamless chicken pox:

    Chicken with highly prefer to sleep on at night to avoid predators and moisturize your feet, avoid infection. Thus creating a number of leading chicken to sleep in the barn.
    Leading bamboo, wood (round tree should not be made because plain difficulty chicken pox). Seamless floor is about 0.5 m, from 0.3 to 0.4 m apart to chickens from touching each other, operating together and tarry stools.
    Chicken litter to the dark. A litter of 5-10 hens.
    Garden grazing: 1m2 / 1 chicken.
    From : phong khach dep; nha ong dep; trang tri phong ngu; nha vuon dep; thiet ke noi that To be continue
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    Welcome to milepoint! Are you in Vietnam? I hope you'll show us photos of your chickens.
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    Sorry i'm so busy. See you again

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