How to raise Millie de Fleur chicks


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Apr 1, 2017
I planed on getting a few Millie de Fleur chicks soon. I have raised many chicks before but heard these chicks were more difficult to raise. What do I need to do differently? I can not seem to find any kind of information on this anywhere.
I don't think you should do anything differently than with any other breed of chicken.
A warm space and lots of cool space, clean fresh water and feed, probiotics, nutri-drench for shipped or stressed chicks, a little chick grit (#1 size), a daily dark period after the first 3 days.
Millie fleur is a color, I'm assuming they are d'uccle? They aren't any harder to brood than other chicks. I have had problems having them survive being shipped from a hatchery, so I don't order them anymore.

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