How to reap benefits of duck water


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May 17, 2011
So this is my situation. I have a duck pen separated into two sections. Each section has a hard plastic kiddie pool that seems to work great. However, I would like to use the water instead of dumping it out when it comes time to clean the pool, especially since we're experiencing the worst drought ever recorded here. What I have in mind is a tank on a cart that I can pump the water into and then spray it around the yard. Does anyone have anything like this? I could probably build it, but would like to see some pictures to get some ideas.
Thanks for any input.
It's probably too rich to spray in this heat without giving your lawn or plants nitrogen burn?? Unless you change it every day so the solution is pretty dilute?? Just speculating.
I generally change the water every other day. It can get dirty quick. But yeah I see your point.
Btw I forgot to mention the grass at the edge of the pen where the water is dumped out is the thickest and greenest in all two acres.
I keep a compost pit. I dump my "fowl" waste and water over it and mix it with shredded paper. The carbon content in paper compliments the high nitrogen concentration.
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I do keep a compost. And I'd love to use the water, I just don't want to have to use buckets to get to it. I'd rather pump it out and move it to where I want it.
Good point. Thinking......
get a pond pump you can hook a hose too....they are like 30 need electric but any not bucket solution will.
Can't help with the exact solution, but I second the "use it" comment. I pour duck water directly on all my plants and they LOVE it. Gets them sending out new shoots and leaves within a few days of each watering.

The trouble I'd see with a sprayer, though, is that it would clog easily--duck water is usually chunky. I just take a watering can and dip the water out, or set the pool near whichever plant I want to water the next day and dump it directly. But I'd love a more efficient way to do it, so please post pics if you design something!

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