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    May be a stupid question but figured Id ask... lol

    How do you set the egg in the egg tray of a turner?
    Lay it on its side? or big end up? So it only gets turned 30 degrees each direction, right? for a 60 degree flip back and forth.
    Do you ever need to flip them over during the incubation period? (I don't mean big end to little end) So the other half of the egg would get the 60 degree flipping.
    When I hatched chicken eggs last year I didn't have a turner and I flipped the eggs from X side to O side, which would be a full 180 degree flip. (not big end to little end)
    Do you rotate the eggs? I mean as, move the ones on the outside edges of the bator, to the inside edges. (still air)
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    Never be afraid to ask any question on here. Those are not stupid questions. Stupid would be not asking and getting it wrong.

    Put it pointy side down. The air sac is in the rounded end and you want that up. Those turners should turn it 45 degrees one way, then 45 degrees the other, so it should be going through a 90 degree turn.

    Never put them pointy side up. Bad! Bad! Bad!

    Rotating the eggs around the incubator is a great idea in a still air. There can easily be warm or cool spots, so if you can average out the incubation temperature, your eggs are more likely to hatch about the same time.

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