How to sex a chick using a pencil

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    The Amish have used this for years. Take a lead pencil with a somewhat sharp end and an eraser on the other end. Take a sewing needle (with an eye in it), loop about seven or eight inches of thread and tie it in a not. Stick the needle in the end of the pencil as straight as possible. Pick a chick up in your hand and with the otherhand hold the end of the string so that the point of the pencil is touching the back of the chick. Raise it up enough where the pencil is clear of touching any feathers. Keeping
    a steady hand, the pencil will begin to move and swing. If it swings from head to tail,rooster. If it swings in a circle or from left to right, pullett. I know you are thinking this is about the silliest thing that you have ever heard, but it works.It even works on humans. Have a person to turn their wrist over (palm up) and put the pencil on the wrist right above the blood vessels, raise it up, keep a steady hand, and watch the pencil start to swing. If it swings from elbow - hand, boy, circle or side to side, girl.
    It does the same on my wife and me. It will swing front to back, stop, then swing side to side and then stop. My wife and I have a son and daughter. I've done this on several people. I did it on one person and she said it was wrong, but later remembered she had had a miscarage.
    This is nothing magic about me. It will work for anyone who has a steady hand. I see a guy selling a "Chick Sex Detector" on E-Bay for $10. All it is is a small magnet cut into a thin strip with a point on one end and a string attached to the other end with the same directions as above.
    Before you pick up that rotten egg to throw at me, give it a try.

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    I think this sounds like a very fun experiment and cannot wait to try it for myself!!! Thanks for the info!!!
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    Great info! [​IMG]

    I am assuming it would work for ducks to
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    Its a myth, an old wives tale.
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    Although I've never tried this particular method, I have tried a fair amount of dowsing over the years, and continue to surprise myself at how well it apparently works.
    In fact, I've been thinking about trying a variation of this method recently, as I'll be hatching some batches in a bator this coming year.

    What I've done in the past was take any type of pendulum - it could be a quarter-twenty locknut on 6 lb fishing line, it makes no difference - and say, "Show me 'Yes'", and "Show me 'No'".
    One will be a horizontal swing, the other a vertical or circular.
    I'll be asking, Show me Male, & Show me female, when I do it.

    Also, I've used it to find out where my underground water lines were, from my spring.
    Practice; read up on the subject, and you may surprise yourself, too!

    An open mind is a terrible thing to waste . . .
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    It's called dowsing.

    "Guess it works if you've got the talent", When I was growing up we called them witches.. (male or female) I knew folks who could "witch" water wells and seemed to do well at it.

    Most times though, it's a waste of time.
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    Thanks for the info.You may have helped alot of people save $10 including myself.[​IMG]
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    ebay should ban the dude,, he guarantees it works EVERY time,,, or ya money back,, less the shipping to and from,,,, the dude is a scammer.
    and yes,, i can douse fer watah [​IMG]
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    You have a 50% chance of failure and a 50% chance of sucess.

    odds are 1 in 2 that you will be correct.

    No wonder it works, sometimes.
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    Quote:Exactly what I was thinking.

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