How to sex baby chicks

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    I have six new baby chicks, and every time we purchase new baby chicks, they say the same thing "Yep, there all female" but we usually end up with a male. I love roosters, and will keep all of them wether there male or female, but I want to know. Anything I can do to check the sex of my baby chicks?
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    When they are around 4-6 weeks old, post pics of each and people will help you figure it out....
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    Buy from reputable feed store that has guarantee to take back the rooster, they pay extra to sex the chicks. DO NOT GET IT from STRAIGHT RUN bins if you buy it from TSC. Best yet get it from store that only sell pullets (sexed chicks), it has 90-95% accuracy. They don’t get mixed up in comparison to store that sell straight runs.

    You can also order from hatcheries online and pay extra. I’ve done it for the last 3 years in addition from my local purchase so far no probs. I only got roosters on local breeders that I know non sexed hatch but great quality breeds.

    Thirdly, there’s vent sexing (more accurate)that can be done right after hatch or within reasonable time after(I’ve seen it done on YouTube but am not comfortable doing it myself) some get paid really good to vent sex and takes quite sensitivity to the trade and months or years sometime to perfect it.

    There’s also wing sexing that can be done within the first couple of days before the chicks grows their wing feathers but only works for certain breeds. Also there’s the feather or color sexing, true with sex links and some specific breeds such as Welsumer, Barred Rocks and the likes. Let me see if I can link you on those threads or maybe someone can.
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