how to sex Bantam chicks?

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Sep 7, 2013
I have chicks that are about 3 weeks old and I just wanted to know how long until I will be able to tell if they are male or female. What can I do to figure out what their sex is?

Also if they are female how old will they be when they start laying eggs?

Thank you!!!!
You can work out sex by wings if the chick has 1 row of exactly the same length it's a male if the wing has 2 rows of different length it's a female
You can sex young chicks by vent sexing (Difficult even for those with a lot of experience) or DNA sexing. Also some breeds you can feather sex during the first few days, and some are sex-linked for color, but other then that you should watch for early comb and wattle development and redness, which are usually indicators of cockerels. Cockerels will also often have thicker legs then pullets. Pullets normally start laying around 6 months old, some lay sooner, some lay later.

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