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    I have two geese, They are whiteish greyish geese that are pretty much the same size and have always acted the same. However, I went in yesterday and one charged me. I looked in the coop and their was an egg. The one kept constant pressure on me and the other stayed behind. Is this an indication that one is a male? I have never seen one mount the other one. If one is a male and one is a female then I will let her sit on the eggs and try to hatch them.

    Thank you!
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    Sounds like a pair. She will lay every other day or 3 until she has gathered enough, 10 ish, before she sits. Typically the first few eggs are not fertile so go ahead and crack that one open to check fertility if the suspense is killing you.

    Most breeding happens in the swimming pool. If they don't have a good one, adding one will increase fertility.
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