how to sex your guinea fowls

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    Jun 26, 2014
    The one on the right is a male while on the left is a female.
    A lot of people ask me this question and today I will give you an answer

    There are many methods that I use.lets start with method One
    1: If you brought a pair,but don't know their sex,just let them stay in their new cage for two now they should have bonded.catch one of the guinea and put it in a cage.then keep the cage in a place where together guinea cant it( you can also do that by keeping a cardboard In front)but should be near the real cage.if you hear a "chi-chi-chi"type of voice its a male.if you hear a " buck wheat - buck wheat" type of voice its a female.this may not be accurate always.

    Second method: aggression
    2:if this you need to have a lot of guineas or one chicken (cock)
    If you don't have either of these,you will have to rely on their sound and other behaviors.
    First check for aggression between the guineas.the ones that fight are males.
    If you don't have a lot of guineas,but you do have chickens,introduced a male chicken to the guineas.if they chase each other,the guinea that is chasing or gets chased is a male.this has worked all the time for me.
    The males body usually has long legs,longer plumage and a taller wattle and a bigger body.
    The females have the straight opposite looks.
    This has worked 85% for me.
    But don't look for a male guineas pic on the internet,its not always right.

    If I missed anything do let me know in the comments below.

    Thank you
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  2. The only sure fire way to tell is the call. I have hens that have deep set waddles and males that have the smaller waddles- they are the exception, but they are certainly around! Usually the hens are very mouthy- they have A LOT to say!

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