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Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Stse586, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I ordered 25 chicks, and they are all 14 weeks old now. I have a very pretty barred rock that I hope is a male. I ordered 7 cockerels, but he is the only one that doesn't have splotches of white. I would say he is small/average compared to the others, but bigger than the hens. I just want to see what you guys think, male or female. I just want to check since I have a friend that had a hen develop her waddles and comb earlier than the others by a few weeks. I just want to understand how to definitively tell male or female, so please explain why you think it is one or the other.

    With hens


    With a cockerel

    Then I have my free chick which the board previously said it is a male EE. How can you tell it is a male with a rose comb? He decided he couldn't sit still, so sorry they are a bit blurry.



    I can also easily take extra pictures, if needed. Thanks [​IMG]
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    Combs are not always an indication of gender. One of the best ways to determine gender is to look at the saddle feathers (located just in front of the tail) and the hackle feathers (located on the neck). If these feathers a rather slender and come to a point rather than being rounded, you have a roo. The EE is definitely a roo, his saddle and hackle feathers are very distinct. It's hard to tell on the barred Rocks though without having a closer side on picture. Pictures of the head, neck, and saddle feathers would also help.
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    OK. Here are some more pictures. He doesn't have as 'fluffy' of a butt as the other cockerels, but he has longer feathers that tend to hang down. All of the supposed cockerels have had small waddles and red combs for a while.

    top view

    side view

    head shots


    The other cockerels all have splotches of white. Do they grow out of that or at 14 weeks is that what they are?
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    Yes, your BR is a rooster. See the pointed tail feathers and saddle and hackle feathers. Also, Barred Rock roos tend to lighter in color than the hens.
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    Quote:Not always true. Especially for the fact that true saddle and hackle feathers usually come in much later than the larger, reddened comb. [​IMG]

    Now, the Easter Egger there is simply sex-able by his color. No pullet can have that color combination/pattern, also that's a common EE color pattern.

    As for the Barred Rocks - The one you're questioning is indeed male. He does indeed have small hackle and saddle feathers developing, but also a bigger/redder comb and waddle set as well as the lighter color male barred birds carry.
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    with barred rocks roos usually have twice as much barring as females [​IMG]
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    You answered your own question, just may have not known it.....

    "but he has longer feathers that tend to hang down"

    Those are saddle feathers. They'll get longer and prettier, as will his neck (hackle) feathers. Those are what make roos so pretty! On your ee roo, in the first pic those feathers are very apparent, that's how you can spot a roo!

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