How to stop my Scovie girls fm laying eggs in Chicken nesting boxes?


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This is going to be a bit long but Please read through. I really could use some advice here. This is the first time I've had Scovies.

O.K. I found a small clutch of eggs in a very dangerous location so collected them since they were the girls very first eggs. The next day two of the girls laid their eggs amongst the chicken eggs. I put them together in one box but the next day they layed in different nesting boxes. I went and put them in the special nesting box I made for the Scovies but they don't seem to want to use it. They keep laying them in various chicken nest boxes.

Today Gwen laid her first egg
in the original clutch sight plus one of my EE's added a blue egg. I took one of the Chook nest boxes and put it in that spot plus added some of the other Scovie eggs in it. I moved the Scovie nest box up into the row of Chook boxes since the Scovies seems to like the area and put a few Scovie eggs in there also. Hope you're still with me.
So now I have the Scovie eggs in two nest sights. Should I just keep collecting them fm the different nest boxes & put them in both places until one of the girls broods? If I keep moving the eggs fm where they are laying them will they SEE the clutch building up and finally brood there? HELP!
I have some really broody Barnevelders and I fear one of those girls are going to try to brood those duck eggs if the Scovies keep laying them with the chooks eggs.

DH is getting ready to build us a secured duck house and once that is finished it should eliminate this particular problem.
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well i guess its all up to the ducks! they lay where ever they find safe, which sometimes may not be very safe after all. maybe just leave them where they are and let them go about their business. they probably know what they're doing.

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