How to take egg Pictures.

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    This is a continuation of thread that started in another thread to no Hijack it I moved it here:

    Originally Posted by minnehaha [​IMG]

    It's with a Samsung galaxy 5s. It's the first time I've tried using this phone to take pictures of blue eggs and it didn't work well. How weird that the Iphone does the same thing! My old HTC Incredible over exposed them making them look almost white. I asked my 15 year old daughter to try and take a few pictures with her Iphone 5, here are the results. She touched a buttom on the bottom of the screen with 3 circles that showed the eggs in all kinds of exposures (she screen shot it for us), then chose the ones that looked best. Which one looks the bluest to you? Do you also have Cream legbar hens? I wonder if I have any feature like that on my phone? I'll have to explore it. Do you have this setting?

    IPHONE 5 screen shot of choices using that circle button on the bottom of screen

    Iphone 5 chrome

    Iphone 5 process

    Samsung Galaxy 5s (I don't know what my phone camera setting are yet)

    I did not know about those functions!

    I found them after reading your post, but it appears you still have the same problem I do, I could not get the white paper towel to appear white in any of them.

    I wonder if using something other than white would help. I have tried editing my pictures on the computer before but that fails too.

    Anyone with ideas or camera people help.

    I like using my iPhone however, I thought about trading it in on a galaxy because of lack of color in the pictures, Not" gonna" do that now.

    I pulled out an old camera the other day, but I am having troubles getting it to work, I need a 15 year old!

    My kids are pushing 40 so they are not as much help as they use to be.
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    Oh Come on!!

    Someone must have a trick or technique to help me take better egg pictures...Pleeeeeease!
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    Differing background and IPhone pictures, they are so lacking the real look of the eggs.

    I get carried away with pictures but I think I have some that may show its beauty. I cannot believe how excited I get over egg pictures.

    The first picture is with a brown egg on a white napkin.


    This picture shows the porcelain egg on a black background with a blue egg on a white napkin. Blue eggs are hard for me to get the color right on my iPhone.

    This is the porcelain egg. at least I think it is, it, to me is the perfect egg. I would marry it if I could and my wife would not commit me for it.

    Look how beautiful it is, a nice cream color, perfect condition.... The other eggs are blue and light brown.


    And here I am holding it. I get a tingle up my arm just holding such a perfect egg! Oh the other egg is brown. A medium shade of brown.


    And now I am holding it with a blue egg


    The eggs are left to right, light brown, olive, The prefect egg, a blue egg and a medium brown


    Again left to right: Olive, Light brown, Medium brown, Porcelain/cream and the blue

    same picture different exposure.


    There is a young couple that would like some chickens for themselves, I cannot give them any because I do not know who lays the porcelain egg and I would hate to sell or give her away. I do not even dare send another chicken to freezer camp until I know who's egg it is.
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    Your egg pictures are lovely. I only tried it once...with mixed results... You've inspired me to take some more!


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