How to tame your ducks/chickens

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    Hey guys so this isn't a asking thing its more like telling. (story time kinda)
    so.... i have a petting zoo with my sister and i basically wanna tell you some stuff about how to tame your ducks/ chickens
    so first when your chickens or ducks are little tiny babies. talk to them and just show them your not a threat what helped me is i sat beside the cage and talked in a soothing voice. i eventualy stuck my hand in the cage with feed or treats.(whatever works) sometimes i'd hum or whisle or even tweet. i would come to their cage 3 times a day to feed/water/talk them this built up their confidence.
    now that they are older. i bring veggies and treats to them twice a day. (it reallly pays off) some chickens or ducks bond quicker then others. mine are still not letting me pet them but if i had to get them say if their coup went up in flames they would let me pick them up (like yesturday i picked my rooster up and he was so calm. if you want you can let them come to you (its probably the better decison.) but if you want you can pick them up and just sit with them and feed them veggies.
    if you want me to post more of these just ask
    my sisters Youtube:pet Place (by the way its kinda hard to find.)
    my youtube: breyersrs2241
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  8. :welcome Nice tips, that's pretty much what I do with all my chicks only I pet them more often. Even doing that not all of them are very freindly and usually only two let me pick them up.
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