How to temperment test an adult dog

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    I am being asked to foster an 11 month old large german shepherd female. I do have the room. My concern is I have chickens, a 2 year old and another older female who is somewhat dominate towards other dogs. She is semi ok but will fight if the other dog starts it. I do have a pen to put the dog in but I really do not want to just get her to pen her up. Supposedly she is good with kids. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    The only other adult I have taken in was a disaster. He was a great pyr and he became extremely aggressive towards us. So I am very unsure about if I should attempt this. She is at risk of being put down if she is not gotten out of the shelter. I am not worried about lack of training or house training. Aggression is what I am worried about. The pyr lunged at hubby about 3 days after we got him. I had wanted to returned him but allowed myself to be talked into giving him a 2nd chance--he was 10 months old. At the time we had him out with the goats and I was working A LOT. I was not told of another incident with him and my hubbys friend where the dog lunged at him. Then one day when I fed him he lunged at me growling and snarling and knocked me into the gate of the pasture which flew open (I had not latched it) and he took off. Otherwises I do not know if he would have actually done anything. After that I could not go in the pasture or walk him or touch him because he would growl and snarl.

    I currently have 2 airedales--a spayed 9 year old dominate female and a good natured sweet tempered neutered 7 year old male. Then my hubby has a very old rat terrier. I think he is around 14. Normally the 2 big guys stay out a lot during the day when its nice out and sleep inside at nite and the little dog is only out long enough to potty.

    Any thoughts and advice welcome.



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