how to thank starbucks staff who went beyond their duty?

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    hi everyone,just got back from a rare starbucks trip and the service was incredible.
    am not able to go in due to disabilities so wait in a disability bay [legaly of course,with blue badge] whilst support staff get the drinks.
    as part and parcel of being severely autistic am only able to drink out of the same cups all the time-these are the reused see through plastic starbucks cups that people get frappachinos in.
    sometimes support staff of mine will acidentaly dump them because they see them as rubbish at that time and will end up not being able to have medication due to having no cups and no money to go buy a drink,staff used to beg the local starbucks staff for empty cups-just one they never gave it.

    so tonight the support staff was with had asked the guy serving her,had asked for the same drink have had for years- a large mocha and caramel frapachino with cream and caramel drizzle ontop [people not diabetic nor dieting try it,its totaly awesome!!],she also mentioned the cup issue because a staff had thrown out a cup of mine today,the starbucks staff said how many cups does she want,and she said to him 'oh two or three woud do' and he gave four large ones.
    she ordered some sort of hot capachino for herself and she put mine ontop of the roof to open the back passenger door of mine [it has to be child locked] somewhere in that sequence she dropped her own coffee on the ground and was not left with one drop.
    she was peed off,but said she is going to go and buy another one-she said to him she had to come back and order another one and he said no problem,does she need a towel to mop up and she explained it went on the tarmac so didnt matter,he then said not to worry it wont cost her anything.

    how awesome is this guy?
    the reason am posting is am wanting to email starbucks to do the opposite of complaining [sorry dont know what its called-saying good things],people in this country spend so much time complaining about stafff in places but dont let them know about staff who have done good.
    the support staff said we can let them know how nice he was,but not mention he gave a free coffee and the free plastic/disposeable cups because it coud get him in trouble with his work.

    is this true? woud it be ok to mention his kind acts in full or not?
    am wanting to make sure his work knows he is a very nice person but not if that is going to get him in crap with his boss.
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    In our neck of the woods you can email the local paper to brag about superior service from local business. Or you can email Starbucks directly and share your experience with them. Let the company know how you appreciated the extra service and wish to compliment them on hiring caring staff. You don't have to mention the exact store or name of the person.
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    That is very sweet of you, and workers really appreciate knowing they are appreciated. I would not mention what he did for you, because yes, it could get him into trouble with his bosses. I would just make a vague statement about how his service was excellent and that he went above and beyond to please the customer.:)

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