How to transport fully grown hens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by iPeanut1990, Dec 4, 2016.

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    Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in.

    We might be moving 10 hours away to another state. We have 3 hens. What's the best way to safely transport (driving) them? Or would we be better off selling them and starting over once we get to our new location?
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    When I move chickens I put them in a pet carrier. I've done it this way twice and they turn out just fine. But can't put water in the carrier because it will spill and get the chickens wet wich isn't good for them. So whenever you make a stop just put the waters in their cages then take it out when you start driving again.
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    I've transported birds for sale 5-6 hours by vehicle. I use dog crates, bedded with straw or shavings. I put fruit in with them to peck at. I don't try to do a feeder or a waterer while I'm driving, that just makes a mess. For my time, they're fine to go without. Longer trip like yours, I'd stop for a feed and water break once or twice. I'd also do a quick scoop of the bedding, cause they're going to be very stinky. I'd cover the kennels with a blanket, etc to keep it dark. Dark, confined chickens are usually calm, quiet chickens.
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    Not much to add to the advice already given. :)

    I moved my 4 hens in a dog crate, and my 2 dogs were in the back of the Rav 4 also. Every 3 hours or so everyone would get a food and water break. Our move was about 11 hours, but longer since we stopped a bit more often. (Hens came on the last of 3 trips)

    They actually did really well, but were we were really happy to be out of the car!
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  5. First find out if it is legal to transport Birds or if you need a permit?

    Chickens carry disease..........

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    Various hatcheries and chicken equipment dealers sell cardboard chicken carriers. Each one carries an individual chicken. They are just like those cardboard cat carriers you see sold by Vets. What type you get just depends on how you want to go about transporting them.

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