How to transport the ladies


Apr 7, 2019
Oregon Cascade Foothills
Our family is moving soon and we'll need to transport the ladies. What's the best way? I was thinking about getting a large dog carrier and putting them in that for the trip. It's about 30 minutes and we have 5 girls about 6 months old. Thoughts?
I like the dog crate idea, because it's much better ventilated! When I have them in a dog crate, either kind, in the car, they settle down and rest. No problem!
Make sure they aren't going to overheat; no stopping and leaving them in a hot car!
If you are crossing state lines, follow the rules and have whatever testing is necessary in plenty of time.
This trip should be no problem at all.
I like the dog crate. Can always use it as a broody/time out/sick bay. Good to have around for all sorts of reasons. I use a cat carrier to pick up my chicks. Easy to hose etc. I get lots of use out of it. Good luck with the move! Exciting you get to take your babies!!!
I used a wire dog crate with no bedding, just the tray, to bring my first flock home.
Make sure it is level so they don't slide to a low end, worked great in my van for a 40 minute drive. They all hunkered down during turns, acceleration, deceleration...and stood up while on the highway.
I had 10 birds in a 42"L x 28"W x 30"H crate.

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