How to treat chicken with broken nail?

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    Jan 25, 2013
    The neighbor's chicken appears to have broke off or tore out her nail. The toe is swollen to about twice the normal size and definitely warm to the touch, but the chicken seems in no pain. (???) She walks, eats, lays, etc. I helped my neighbor wash off as much dirt/run material as possible and put hydrogen peroxide on it. We then put human bandaids on try to keep it cleaner.

    Through the whole process, barely a peep from the hen and hardly squirmed. We both don't have the stomach for a bumblefoot surgery and don't even know if that's what she's developing or if everything is swollen because her nail is gone.

    We don't know if we should put Vetericyn on her toe or what exactly...

    Do you have any advice for us?

    There are no avian vets anywhere near us and honestly, the country vets here will tell us to let nature take it's course.

    Here are some pictures. Kinda icky. :(




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