How to treat mites in coturnix quail


Mar 17, 2018
I thought it was molting, but after months, now I'm convinced my quail has mites. I will examine them closer tomorrow. Their backs are bare as well as their tail end and chest. If so, what's the best way to treat them? Looks like my entire flock of 11 is affected (in my lower cage, the upper cage group seems fine).


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Are you able to post pics? Are you sure it isn't feather picking or behavioral issues?

My preferred treatment for lice and mite type stuff...

It comes under different names and concentrations found int he equine section at most feed stores. Labeled for use in poultry, requires no egg withdrawal... but not safe for cats. I also use it on my nest boxes, under roost, on coop floor and such. This $8 bottle lasted me over 2+ years, with 82+ birds, 3 medium dogs, and 2 large goats.. originally bought to combat mosquitoes.

On chickens... I part the feathers and make sure it hits the skin... just below the vent, under each wing pit, and at the back base of the head. Soaking is NOT required. When treating small chicks, I use a cotton swab soaked in the permethrin (active ingredient) to help avoid eyes and for more controlled application when needed. Re-treat for specific pest according to directions to completely break the life cycle... usually 7-10 days.

This link might help you identify your issue...


ETA: Are you in the US? Adding your general location to your profile can help others make the most relevant suggestions at a glance. ;)


Mar 17, 2018

He's the worst. Can't be molting, because he's been like this for months now. My understanding, that molting only lasts about two weeks. I haven't observed any aggressive behavior. He's my only roo and he has 10 hens. 11 total in a 12sqft space. Plenty of hiding space and dust bath. His skin doesn't appear to be bloody or injured. Just featherless. Right now it's hard to see, because of the DE I added to their dust bath.

Interestingly the cage above (8 hens) have no issues.

I am in the US. In Georgia. I added Diatomaceous Earth to their sand box today and scrubbed everything down with 50% bleach solution.
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May 15, 2019
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I'm dealing with mites all around my birds eyes, is there anything safe to spray or put on their eyes?
I would rinse them from around the eyes with a saline solution, then work on getting rid of the mites in general. If you get rid of the rest of the mites, you will get the ones around their eyes too.

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