How to treat splayed leg or legs in baby chicks!


Sep 16, 2019
recently I have gotten into incubating and hatching chicks, specifically quail chicks. I experienced splayed leg in multiple chicks because or many different reasons. I tried many methods such as the bandaid method with no success. I eventually found THE QUICKEST AND EASIEST WAY TO FIX SPLAYED LEGS: step 1-put the baby chick in a cup that makes the bird keep his legs under him in the correct position
(May have to put a paper towel in the bottom to make the cup smaller depending on size of bird)
Step2- leave him in the cup for 20-30 minutes ( he/she will chirp excessively. It’s okay don’t worry) he will move and try to get out of the cup strengthening his legs in the right position!
Step3- boom he should be fixed! I have used this method about 6 times all with the same results. After just one session the chick can stand up properly (May be a little wobbly) once he can stand up on his own he will fix himself. Yes it’s that easy
Wow...yes, would love to re read through this with some pictures! Much easier than a lot of other methods I've read! Thank you for this! Welcome to BYC!

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