How to treat the mites on roo's head?


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I've read all about how to dust for mites, looks pretty simple. I like one poster's suggestion of putting the Sevin in a bag with just the bird's head sticking out and doing a "shake 'n bake" type method- but I'm concerned because a lot of the mites on my boy are right around his comb. He is a Silkie- how do i get rid of those mites that are on his head, without getting the dust in his eyes/nostrils/mouth..etc?
On my small ones I just took a pinch or two and sprinkled it on their heads. I really like the eprinex ivomec pour on as it just goes on between the shoulder blades and works all over the bird. I had used the seven on them the first time but for the 10 day retreat I had ordered the eprinex and used that. I have a friend who was battling bugs on their silkies to the point they were ready to get rid of the birds. I gave them some of the pour on and they have finally not had a reoccurance.
I use baby oil and it seems to smother or chase the off. Then dust the body with Sevin.

Easiest of all is a drop of ivermectin 1% on back of neck. Must get it on the skin so it can be absorbed.
Thank you all for the tips! On the Ivermectin, one drop on the neck kills the mites all over? That seems a whole lot easier than "shake n' baking" 20+ birds! Sadly, I'm guessing Ivermectin horse paste wormer would not work- can I get the liquid at Tractor Supply? I appreciate the help so much, this is a first for me and I do not want to mess it up! Tomorrow all the bedding will be raked out, the coop swept, then the Sevin dust put down, with all new shavings on top. Would it be better to treat the birds tomorrow, and wait on the cleaning for the next day, in case the mites come off of them and run for refuge in the new bedding?
One drop ivermectin 1% will kill all lice and mites. Think of it as you would put a tube of flea and tick protector on a dog or cat.

I have used the ivermectin horse paste and gave it by mouth.. One TINY dab placed in back of throat using a q-tip. A tube does a 1,200 lb. horse as you probably know so a tube goes ALONG way. This kills both internal and external worms/parasites. I did this after discovering my chickens had internal worms.

The ivermectin 1% liquid comes in injectable form and is expensive. I just use the needle and syringe to extract from bottle and squirt a drop on back of neck.

I am getting ready to totally clean my barn out. I will then dust all my chickens with Sevin as well as the bedding. To dust the chickens I place the Sevin in an old salt shaker! More control when using it. Please be careful not to inhale the Sevin while dusting your chickens. I gives me a bad headache...

Another method I have used is the Adams Flea and Tick spray or Happy Jack. One spray on butt area and one spray under each wing.

These are just things I have used over the years. Good luck!
You folks are wonderful, I so appreciate the information that is so freely given to newbies like me! thank you so, so much! Tomorrow I will move everyone out of the coop and clean it like crazy and treat it... Then treat each bird. Now, I have another group of birds, some of whom were recently moved out of the main coop so as to create more space. They are in a portable "hoop coop" deal, and are weed whacking behind my pasture. Should I also treat them?

I can't get my head around the idea that one drop of anything will kill everything- it's amazing to me! But then, I am used to horses- working in big numbers. I could do either the ivermectin drop, or the paste wormer orally- which is preferable? The birds range between 4 weeks and 6 months of age. I have mostly silkies, but also some BSL, EE, D'uccle, etc. Would I use even less on my bantams?
I would be careful using ivermectin with the younger chicks. It is very strong stuff.

My preference for all ages is using the Sevin dust. You do not have to measure it, just dust them and you are done. Most "bugs" on the heads will still get in the Sevin dust and die.

I have never used ivermectin or horse paste on chicks or half grown, only adult.

The Sevin would be safer in my opinion. But if you go with the ivermectin 1% it is safer (less danger of overdose) than horse paste. Good luck!
I use Adams Flea & Tick plus - for the silkie heads, I put some on a gauze square and just rub it into their crest and around their face, avoiding their eyes.

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