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    I know this is the chicken behaviors and "egglaying" so I hope someone can help me. My Khaki hens are starting to lay eggs. I would like for them to hatch their own eggs. So my question's are, when I find an egg should I gather them up and put them in the same nest? The ducks dont seem to lay in one spot. and another question, I noticed a Golden comet hen sitting on one of the eggs this morning. does this mean she will go broody or will the ducks push her off their eggs? First timer with trying to hatch eggs any help or advise please and thanks!!
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    You'll find more about this in Incubating and Hatching eggs, or in ducks.

    In chickens, usually we don't assume a hen is really broody until she has spent a full 24 hours on the nest. They will go broody on their own schedule, and a collection of egs is unlikely to make them do so. They do this most often in spring, though they can go broody at any time of year. A good hatch is more likely if the eggs are collected and kept at rom temp for up to a week, then placed under a known broody all at once, so that they hatch more or less at the same time. Otherwise, she will aandon unhatched eggs after a day or so when it's time to take the chicks out of the nest and teach them where to eat and drink. I really don't know how different this process is in ducks.

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