How was hatching season?


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Sep 1, 2010
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I havent posted all summer but I have been very busy. I hatched 17 peachicks so far with a few more eggs in the incubator. One died at a day old that was very weak. So I have 16 chicks, two white, seven pied, and 7 IB/DP. This has been my best season yet with more than twice as many chicks as last year. I also hatched like 50 guineas who are a huge handfull and raised chickens and peasants. I lost a whole brooder of guineas (around 25) to some disease as well as more than half of the pheasants, thankfully we managed to stop it from spreading after that and did not lose all the all of the chicks. I am also dealing with leg problems in one of my peacocks. I know this all sounds bad but I am very happy that I was able to stop whatever it was that was killing them. Sulmet is a miracle worker, it is an antibacterial water treatment that says on the bottle that it treats for Coryza, Coccidiosis, Fowl cholera and pullorum but it seems to work for everything thing my birds catch. It saved my chicks.
It was my first try ever at incubating. I got 21 out of 25 of the pea eggs to hatch (plus some chicken eggs but thats a diff section) That is not counting infertile eggs that did not start developing. One of the 21 died about 5 hours after hatch. One was eaten by a snake. 2 of them had crooked/curled toes that I had to correct (thanks to all you guys at this site I learned how). Their feet came out perfect. I couldn' t even tell them from the others. All except 3 I'm keeping and one too young to leave have gone to very good homes.

My peahen hatched a few eggs also. One of those chicks was killed, I think by another pea.
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This is our first year to have peafowl. We feel that we had a good year. We have twenty peachicks out of twenty-five eggs. We do still have five eggs under chicken hens or in the incbator that seem to be developing nicely. We have Purples, Pieds, India Blues, and Spaldings this year. We have recently purchased a trio of Silver Pieds for next breeding season.

Ernie Haire
Arp, Texas

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