How young is to young????? I WANT THEM OUT OF MY KITCHEN !!!!!!!!


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I have 3 silkies and 1 BR 1RIR and 1 other 2 of the silkies hatched in late march and the others early april when can I put them out
in the coop with my 3 older girls they are a little more than a year old????
depending on how big they are i think it would be ok...i would try putting them out there for a couple hours for a few days so the other hens can get used to them...if you have a wire cage or something just set the whole thing in there and let them meet everyone else....
I have no ideas on putting them with the older ones. I have read on BYC about keeping them separate but, able to see each other, until the older ones get used to the younger ones though.

My Chicks went outside May 20. They were almost 5 weeks weeks old. I'm in southern Ontario and the first week nights were still dropping into the mid 50s. Chicks were just fine.
My wife and I are thinking about getting 3 more chicks to add to our flock of 7 so I have been wondering the same thing. The general rule seems to be 5-8 weeks when there feathers grow in. Knowing where you are, the expected weather HOT! I would suspect they will be fine.
our's were about 6 weeks old when we put the in with the older group...they had there share of pecking order but other then that pretty good
they learned to keep there distance with hen lol
I turned the brooder light off in my outside brooder when my 22 chicks were 2 weeks old since the temp was hitting 90+ during the day and staying above 65 at night.

They were moved last weekend at 3 weeks to the outside coop. It was down to 55 last night. They were all fine. Mine just huddled together for warmth and situation is slightly different since mine were outside on carport entire time and have a large number of chicks.

5 week olds in San Jose should be fine outside. Just make sure that they have a place to get out of the rain/mist if you have any.

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