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    Nov 24, 2013
    My names kevin. My mum keeps chicken(s). I added the (s) because currently we have one and the other one is missing.

    Her name is Henny. She is/was a Welsummer. Her wings were red and she hadn't even started laying eggs yet.

    Yesterday I was walking into the kitchen with my pet dog holly and didn't realise my mum left the door open. The dog ran out and chased after the bird (non-violently) and I shouted her name as loud as I could. She stoped dead in her tracks but the bird kept hovering and decided to fly into a neighbours garden. This has happened before and we caught the chicken and brought her home the last time.

    (We didn't think we needed to clip their wings and will start doing for now on)

    So I went out asking all our nearby neighbours have they seen the chicken and all replied no. So we spent the night worried if it was too cold for her. Then our nextdoor neighbour called and said she was in his garden. I was relieved. We got there and discovered she was hiding, and very well. We spent 10 minutes trying to get her but she ended up evading us and hoping into another neighbour garden to the right.

    So then I went to their house and asked them can I check their garden (I asked them yesterday could I check to see if the chickens in it and they thought I was asking about that) So they let me in and I spent 5 mins looking around. They had lots of bushes. So After deciding the chickens too good a hider I told them my house number and went home. 4 minutes later she calls and says its on her garden wall.

    So I go to their garden and see her on the wall So I get a broom with the hopes of pushing her into the house to the right, due to them having next-to-no bushes. But instead of her just flying into it she decides to fly North-east. Or top right. So then I went around yet again and asked the first house could I check their garden. I checked and saw no chicken. I noticed stacked chairs and hoped up on them to see into the next garden and had a look, no chicken.

    But then the old lady there knocked at her door and tried to say something but I couldn't hear a thing. I made the "speak up" sigh with my had to my ear. She came out and told me the chicken flew past her garden and probably into the next one.

    So I spent 7 minutes knocking at this door and a man in his pyjamas answered, finally.. I asked him could I check his garden for the chicken, for like 2 minutes, then he said he would look. He came back and said he saw no chicken I told him the chicken is a hider but he said 'no chicken' and closed the door in my face. He was foreign.. and the only one who did not let me check their back garden.

    So I went to the final house and thought 'why not.. the chicken can fly abnormally well' So I called at his house. A fat guy answered and asked me 'what' from his bedroom window. I asked him I needed to check his back for a chicken. He stared at me. I repeated myself. He said "Are you ******' serious?" I said yes and continued to ramble about how I have checked every house nearby twice in 2 days. He came out his back in his robe and opened the gate. He complained about how it was Sunday and around 10am.

    (And make no mistake. This man Is the definition of assehole.)

    So I walked into his garden and saw no chicken. And literately nowhere It can hide.. So I walked out with him glaring at me and saying to myself "this is so embarrassing"

    So By then I gave up. If someone calls to the house and tells me the chickens in their garden then 'great' but if not then 'fine' We can't have a chicken that can fly almost exactly like a normal bird. Our other one doesn't even try to fly. And I feel even with clipped wings heny could just fly up to the wall again.

    So for now she has gone a day and a half without food/water. And I'm just so tired. I normally never go out. (Slightly scared of people) and that chicken's more hassle than it's worth I'm almost sad to say. Even my mum is angry at the bird. It's scared of her. If it gets startled it just flys away. and as I said sometimes over a wall.

    So good luck Henny, you kept Penny warm and you both loved each other. You would sit ontop of her and be her blanket. And her your bed. She will miss you.

    So this was my introduction. Howdy people.
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    The easiest thing is to find the bird and watch it from a distance to see where it roosts at night. They're night blind so you can just walk up to it and pick it up then and bring it home.
    Leave it locked up a couple days so it gets imprinted on the coop as the place to sleep.
    Always bring treats when you go near her and she will start coming to you.
  3. xXxKevinxXx

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    Nov 24, 2013
    Hmm good idea. If we can find out where the chicken is. (Im willing to bet 20 bucks that it's in the garden of the house where the guy wouldn't let me check.)
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    Welcome to BYC. The situation is sad, but your story is very funny. Bet the fat guy in the bath robe is still ******. [​IMG]
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    Hello :frow and Welcome to BYC! Hope you find your chicken. The search account was funny, some confused neighbors.
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    Good for you. You said you are slightly scared of people but, look what you did in trying to find her. You persisted even though some people were less than kind. If she gets hungry there is a good chance she will come back home. Maybe you will need a top of some sort over the run to keep her there.

    If she does come back please let us know - we are all hoping she will. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC! Great intro :)

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