Howdy from Central Indiana


9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
Paragon, IN

My wife and I are new to raising poultry, but I've been a country boy all my life. She's a city girl, so I'm pretty much on my own here! My family (grandparents) used to raise chickens, cattle, pigs, etc. before I was born and when I was too young to remember. We have 30 acres out here about an hour south of Indy.

We just got back from vaca in Gatlinburg, TN and the kids decided they wanted ducks, so that's what I'm starting with. I'm planning and prepping to build a coup and chickens will come very soon... Within a month!

I just went and picked up three Muscovy hatchlings and and a youngling Muscovy and youngling Rouen/Swedish mix. I found BYC by luck searching for coop designs, actually.

We live on property with my grandmother (separate house), three wonderful kids, and 5 dogs... Which is apparently going to be six dogs soon, because the wife wants to get another one for our oldest kid.

I really hope to learn a lot here and become a productive community member.


Feathers On The Ground
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Aug 3, 2009
Southern California
I just got my first ducks 4 weeks ago. They are just the greatest. Enjoy! This site has been a great help to me starting out with poultry.


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Jul 24, 2009
Cloverdale, Indiana
Howdy and welcome, neighbor. We live fairly close to Paragon. I have really found BYC to be so helpful. My DH was raised in the country and I was a smalltown city girl. If I can be won over by chickens, maybe your wife can too. lol Best of luck in your chicken and duck adventures!
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