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Hello all, just joining up as a member but have been using BYC for a few yrs for advice and have found it an excellent resource. but have found myself in a quandry and am in need of expert opinion on specific matters regarding my flock and I am wanting some photos reviewed (doesn't everybody)!

Here's a rundown of our flock 22 total, I would have said 22 hens but that's the issue, apparently I have 21....I've got some white spots on eggs of birds known to be lower in the pecking order but not on those of the girls higher in the order. this after introducing 8 newbies from a hatchery choice hatch. I got 10 and quickly identified two roos and haven't had a crower since.

6 Dominique hens
4 Welsummer hens
3 Lavender Ameraucana hens
2 Golden spangled Hamburgs (I think) They've been twins as far as plummage from day one now at 25 wks we've got a rose comb on one and a single comb on the other
2 Black.....Australorps? Who knows, one is super sweet and the other is super shy
1 Egyptian Fayoumi...docile until the dog comes around and then she pecks the fire out of the dogs nose but causes no trouble with other hens
1 BCM hen or black star or something (We'll share pics when able, I have them uploaded already) possibly a roo though
1 Golden campine (possibly) looks like a hen but acts crazy could be a breed thing
1 RIR one standoffish girl
1 black EE hen


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WELCOME from Danville, AR You will LOVE it here!!

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