hows MMH standard polish?

Last time I got some from them, they did.
If by Polish you mean a chicken with a crest, sure.

Otherwise, to the Polish standard, standing out against other crested breeds, no. Their White Crested Blacks we got 2 years ago were astonishingly really nice, but their Silver Laced, Gold Laced, and Buff Laced were horrible. Tiny, stringy crests, horrible lacing (the buff laced wasn't even laced - just a smudgy dirty white) and most of them died by 5 months of age due to a lack of hardiness to our climate, which isn't even all that cold in the winter. They looked like a standard "tophat" one would get from a hatchery, but at least weren't as bad as McMurray's Houdans. Ugh.

So, the WCB's are pretty nice, in fact they're pretty meaty too, but the rest. . . Thumbs down.

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