How's Mottled Happen?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by countyroad1330, Dec 20, 2007.

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    Oct 15, 2007
    I've always got genetics questions, I think I should change my field of study. I'm referring to Cochins specifically with this, but maybe it doesn't matter. How do you get Mottled? And what do you get with a Mottled x Black mix?
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    That is a good question for the PoultryImprovement site. Tim is a genetics genius.
  3. Hi!
    I don't think you can 'make' mottled unless you have a bird that carries the mottled gene.

    If you cross mottled with black, the males would be black with gold / red in the hackles.
    The females would be black.

    If you cross the (mottled x black) offspring back with a mottled bird, you'd get mottling again.

    This guy is from a black Naked Neck roo crossed (accidently) with a mottled Cochin hen.
    The only 'mottling' he has is a few feathers on his feet (I got a little black hen from the cross w/ some mottled foot feathers, too).


    If I crossed him back with a mottled bird, the offspring would / could be mottled.

    I think mottling can just show up as a sport (if that's the right word), but I don't think it's common.
    I had a black Ameraucana pullet that was showing some mottling, but she got killed.

    Does that make sense?

    Merry Christmas!
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    Sorry I cant answer your question either, but since you are interested in Mottled, I thought I'd show you these guys. They are Exchequer Leghorns.... considered a Rare breed. Not approved by APA.

  5. maralpz2006

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    Apr 21, 2007
    they are beautiful, i would like to have some next year.,peachick how many hens do you have
  6. peeps7

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    [​IMG] Those are very beautiful birds.

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