How's the chick biz? Are your sales being affected by the economy?

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  1. I am just getting ready to start selling eggs and chicks. Before I go and put a bunch of eggs in the bator, I am wondering, how is the egg and chicken business is for you all?

    Are you finding folks are not buying some of the more expensive eggs? I know the hatcheries are selling more chicks than ever, but I am wondering about what folks are experiencing here. I certainly do not want to bring babies into the world, that won't have a home.

    Of course chickens seem like a really great "indulgence" considering they are one hobby that you can eat, and even have them potentially pay for themselves.

    I sure hope this economy turns, we keep having more layoffs statewide. (((((bites nails))))))

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    selling eggs and chick should not be a problem. I think it HELPS the business end of it!
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    When gas hit $4.00 a gallon, we REALLY slowed down. Folks canceled appointments because they needed the $ for gasoline and groceries.

    Since then, many have lost their jobs or their benefits. Many employers have dropped benefits , anticipating that the government will soon cover their employees. (not smart!)

    We've actually started picking back up a little, but I'm getting more cash paying patients rather than those covered by insurance. I'm amazed by the number of patients that I haven't seen in a number of years. Many of them left me because I didn't take their insurance, now they are back and paying cash.

    I know physicians and dentists that have reduced their staff by half or more due to the recession/depression.

    We just keep working and praying that the phone continues to ring...
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    So far business is still booming in home health. We can hardly cover all of the visits that need to be made. In fact, we put referrals on hold this week until next week hoping we can catch up. All of the case managers and LPNS have been taking extra patients on top of our already full schedule. As a case manager, I feel like I've been swamped and can barely keep up! But I'm just glad I have a job that is still plugging along.
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    My husband is in sales and his business has not been affected at all as he is in the "medical" field and there will always be a need.

    My chicken business is going well also, so we are very fortunate in this time.
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  6. My husband works in movies and mail, two things people can't be without it seems. So he's doing fine.

    My end, the chicks and farm, is doing great too!
    I have no shortage of people wanting to buy chicks.
  7. Thanks for the answers so far. I was mostly thinking about the chicken/egg business, which is why I put it here in the breeders section. But I like hearing about your professions, too.

    My dh and I are in education, and so farm we are fine, too.

    I guess I will just hope I can get my little chicken business going in this yucky economy.
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    My local feed store sold 400 chicks in 3 hours this week. I've heard that MPC and other hatcheries are going gang-busters. Last week I talked with MPC b/c they lost my order - they've added staff and can barely keep up with the interest.
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    im doin fine as far as eggs go, just had to raise prices another $.50, but i have not sold any chicks this year yet so we will see how that goes

  10. Mrs. Turbo

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    We haven't noticed a difference in chickens, but call ducks have been really hot this year.

    My husband is director of our local animal shelter and i am a SAHM
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