How's the Weather???

How's the weather where you are?

  • Same as you...windy and rainy! :(

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  • Windy and rainy, but I like it! :)

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  • It's a blizzard over here!

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  • Mild-nothing much happening...

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  • Sunny and enjoyable! Yay the snow is melting! :)

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  • Other-please explain

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14 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Right now the weather here is HORRIBLE!
It is so windy outside and the wind is blowing the rain everywhere and it has been down-pouring all day (and all night!) It started yesterday evening and has been windy and rainy since then.
Although it was suppose to snow, but it's just a bit too warm to accumulate I guess. I'd rather have rain than snow; it would be a harsh, windy blizzard rather than a wind/rain storm if it hadn't been for the warmer temps. lately. And the rain is melting the snow, which I'm happy about, because I want Spring and Summer to come soon!

So just for fun, how's the weather where you are? I hope it's better than what it is here!
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slightly colder than normal 27' F right now, but was 6' F this morning, we still have a lot of snow- it will probably still be here in June!!
BUT atleast the sun is shining today!!!
wow for the people who posted that it's are lucky! It's like a wind/rain hurricane over here! The only good side of it is that I kinda like the sound of the wind and it's melting a lot of the snow.
But everything is now soaked and muddy and nasty!
The small stream that used to flow by the road (in the gutter, caused by melting snow and run-off) is now overflowing onto the road!
I kinda wish it would thunder and lightning too, though...haven't heard that in a while and I like listening to long as I'm inside during it!
It's beautiful and sunny from inside the house. Very misleading!! It's cold and windy!! The speed of wind that makes your eyes water. I hate that, it makes it hard to see the chicks I might be stepping on....
After highs in the 60's and sunny with mild wind this past weekend, we are now hit with 40's and high winds. but the sun is shining. so that is a big help.

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