htaching eggs ina incubator

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  1. tx_pigs

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    Jan 17, 2009
    we are tryin to hatch eggs in an incubator...a couple of the eggs have pieces missin off the egg but thats as far as it went ,doesn't seem to be much more activity with those 2 eggs(for a few hours now)....another egg has a good piece missin as well & we can see the lil chic movin & we hear him long will it take him to break free?...will the eggs that have no more activity "do anything" ?.....ty

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    I have read here that it can take up to and over a day for the chick to hatch out after pipping.
    Don't open your bator, they need humidity to hatch right!
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    Jan 30, 2007
    It takes chicks 24 hours or longer from their pipping the shells til they hatch out of the eggs. No opening the incubator!! Sit on your hands!! They are resting, learning to breathe and absorbing the rest of their yolk sacs.

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